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Science & God


Robert P. Minz

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Newton's first law states that a body continues in its state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line so long as it is not impressed by an external force to change that state of rest or of uniform motion in a straight line. The moon, the earth, the planets, the sun and the stars are all in motion. What was the external force that set the first particles of the atoms, gases or dust in motion to form galaxies, stars and planets that are in continuous motion today? Science tells us that there was some mighty external force or energy that existed long before the atoms, gases, particles came into existence and set them into motion. The study of modern physics tells us that energy and mass are two forms of the same thing and one can be transformed into the other. Albert Einstein gave the relationship between energy and mass by the equation, E=mc2, where E=energy, m=mass and c=the velocity of light. Thus the galaxies, stars, the sun and the planets are products of the primal energy that existed long ago. The study of physics also tells us that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Thus the sum total of energy either in the form of pure energy or mass continues to be the same from the beginning. In other words the total energy of the universe was and will continue to be the same. Also we know that radiation like light or sound is the transmission of energy by waves through some medium. In the case of sound this medium is air. Sound can not be transmitted in a vacuum. In the case of light, which is an electromagnetic wave that travels even through vacuum in space, there must be some medium that occupies a vacuum and because light reaches us from millions of stars spread throughout the universe this medium must be all pervasive. Scientists call this all-pervasive medium ether. Radio waves, gravity and electric and magnetic forces of attraction and repulsion also travel through this all-pervasive medium called ether. Even till today scientists have little or no understanding of ether that occupies all space yet it has no physical properties. Scientists have tried to build models to explain the behaviour of matter in space by supposing that space can be imagined to be like a sheet that is tightly spread and the heavenly bodies that lie on this 'sheet' cause depressions in the sheet so that if two masses come close then the depressions of the two masses tend to merge forcing the masses together and thus mimic gravity. The concept of a 'sheet' supporting the heavenly bodies can be extended to the all-pervasive medium, ether, which supports the universe.

So, in summary, from our study of physics we find that even before the heavenly bodies came into existence there was a vast sea of energy from which the heavenly bodies were formed. This energy also gave all matter their initial momentum. This energy in the form of pure energy or matter continues to exist and will continue to exist forever because science tells us that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. We also know that there is some all-pervasive substance or energy that supports the entire universe like a tightly spread 'sheet'. Can we not name this mighty, vast and indestructible source of energy, out of which arose the galaxies, stars, planets and all matter, living and non-living, and which also supports them, as God? Many scientists, e.g. Einstein, accept such a concept of God but refuse to attribute any personality to such a God. In other words they believe in an impersonal God.

What about living organisms on the earth including man? How did they come about? Scientists believe that the first living cell came into existence by mere chance due to reaction of the right ingredients in the presence of the right type of radiation at the right temperature-- like a chemical reaction. Although some organic matter, e.g. protein, could be formed by such a reaction yet such a substance could not be termed as living. What the scientists forget is that, by definition, such a reaction is not possible because a living cell must possess two qualities simultaneously from inception i.e. it must be able to grow, which means it must be able to ingest and digest food of some kind, and it must also be able to reproduce itself. Apart from the right ingredients and the right circumstances that must exist for the formation of the living cell the reaction must also form a living cell complete with a digestive system as well as a reproductive system. The absence of any one of these qualities would be fatal to the living cell, which would either starve to death, or end up as only one of its kind, and man would never come into existence at the end of the evolutionary chain. It may be possible for a man to win one lottery but how possible is it for the same man to win three lotteries in a row? Impossible! The probability of formation of the first living cell by mere chance is, therefore, so remote as to be in the realm of impossibility. Because the first living cell could not have been intelligent enough to equip itself with a digestive system and a reproductive system simultaneously there must have been some intelligent external source that must have created the first complete living cell. The theory of evolution by Charles Darwin tells us that more and more complex organisms multiplied and developed from the first single living cell to form plants, reptiles, birds, animals and finally humans as we know them today.

If we look around us we can see many living plants and creatures. The more we study the structure of these living plants and creatures the more astounded we become at the vast complexity of each part of a living organism. Each part of a living organism is designed to perform a specific task. For example, the eye is made up of all the necessary parts to form an image of objects just like a camera. We also know that a complex device such as a camera can not come into existence unless some intelligent person makes each part and assembles these parts to make a camera. Therefore, the eye also could not have come into existence by mere chance but it requires an intelligent maker. No man or animal can, by the use of its intelligence, make an eye. The conclusion, therefore, is that there is some other intelligent being who designed the structure of the eye. This being is more intelligent than man because he had put in place many aeons before a system by which the animals and plants could themselves reproduce each one of their kind complete in all respects from the same resources, i.e. the food they eat.

We say that this force or energy was intelligent because all the atoms, gases, particles were set in motion in a particular direction with set laws so that they formed, galaxies, stars and planets that ultimately gave rise to living plants and creatures of great complexity, above all man, a creature of extraordinary intelligence. Whatever force or energy that exists regulates the movement of the stars and planets according to the laws of physics; controls the action and reactions of atoms according to the laws of chemistry; controls the development of simple cells into more complex organisms according to the laws of biology. All point to the existence of a force or energy that follows some order and direction as opposed to a blind direction-less force that creates chaos. Even if we accept Mendel's law of heredity and Darwin's theory of evolution and the survival of the fittest it would still leave us the question as to why 'nature' is working towards evolving more and more complex organisms? It is as if 'nature' is working with a motive that is quite independent of the knowledge of the individual organisms. It is as if some external force has built-in a system by which all living things attain perfection. Not only are many organisms living in symbiosis but, in fact, according to ecology, all living things are intertwined in a web of life. Thus all living things are dependent on each other and form one biome. Certainly a blind force could not have worked towards the creation of more and more complex but inter-dependent organisms. So, this external force that created and set in motion the galaxies, stars and planets that provided the setting for the creation of life in all its complexity must have been intelligent. He may be compared to an expert billiard player who in order to pocket a particular ball may hit one ball that may hit a second ball which, after striking a wall, may hit the targeted ball that he wishes to pocket. It is like a person who sets in motion an action that he knows for certain will give some particular result many years later. So, this mighty intelligent first force that set everything rolling must have existed before anything ever existed and this intelligent first external force or energy we may call 'God'.

The above article has been written for the layperson. George Hammond has given a more rigorous mathematical proof of the existence of God. He has shown that the personality of man is three dimensional in space because his brain is three dimensional in space. Einstein had shown that in the physical world there is a fourth dimension, time. George Hammond has shown that the mind also has a fourth dimension, intelligence or mental speed. He has also shown that just as the physical world perception is governed by the speed of light so also the mental perception is governed by mental speed or intelligence. He has further shown that just as gravity is the result of curvature of real space so also God is the result of curvature of mental perception that is governed by mental speed or intelligence. The difference between the mental speed or intelligence of the perfect man of the future and the mental speed or intelligence of the man of today, which he called the 'brain defect', accounts for the existence of God. He has equated God in the mental world to gravity in the physical world. For a more detailed study of the paper of George Hammond please visit

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