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(A medical diagnostic program)

Did you know?

Nearly 100,000 Americans die each year due to diagnostic errors, according to the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality- REDMOND,Washington, Jan.21 2004.

          To avoid these diagnostic errors, a simple computer diagnostic program, titled COMPUTER CLINIC, that can be used by any lay person, has been devised. The COMPUTER CLINIC medical diagnostic program assists the layman/woman in diagnosing the disease that he/she may be suffering from. If the symptoms of some serious underlying disease are present the COMPUTER CLINIC medical diagnostic program will at once correctly diagnose the disease and warn the user who can then decide to visit his doctor to confirm and treat him/her.

          The COMPUTER CLINIC medical diagnostic program merely diagnoses the disease but does not prescribe any medicine. It is not necessary that the COMPUTER CLINIC medical diagnostic program will always give a correct diagnosis because it arrives at a conclusion based on the then prevalent symptoms. It may so happen that when the COMPUTER CLINIC medical diagnostic program is consulted the symptoms of a particular disease may not be apparent at that early stage. It is, therefore, not infallible, and hence a doctor must be consulted in each case. But that does not mean that the COMPUTER CLINIC medical diagnostic program is useless. It serves as an early warning system that could very well mean the difference between life and death.

Operating Instructions

If the program has been supplied on a floppy/CD insert the floppy/CD in the corresponding drive. Click My Computer and double click the floppy or CD icon when the files in the floppy/CD will be displayed. Double click the Gwbasic3 file when the DOS window will open. Press Function key F3 on the topmost row of the keyboard when LOAD"_ prints in the DOS window. Type at the curser clinic.bas and Enter. Then press the Function key F2 on the topmost row of the keyboard. When the following menu appears:

  2. 2.OPEN FILE
  6. 6.EXIT



Press numeric key 2 (WARNING! Do not press numeric key 1. All existing data files supplied will be deleted!) when the following screen will be displayed:






When the relevant information is entered the following screen appears:

Does (Patient's Name) have fever

Enter y/n?_


Turn off the caps lock if it is on. Then according to whether 'y', for yes, or 'n', for no, has been entered the computer will continue to ask questions and each time 'y', for yes, and 'n', for no, has to be entered until the computer arrives at a diagnosis which will be displayed as follows:

(Patient's Name) is suffering from_ (disease)

To continue enter any number?_


You are advised to save this page or take a print-out for future reference.

The COMPUTER CLINIC medical diagnostic program can arrive at a diagnosis in less than a minute.

At present the program can diagnose nearly 80 diseases such as typhoid, cholera, dysentry, diarrhea, amoebiasis, giardiasis, gastroenteritis, malaria, filariasis, tuberculosis, pneumonia, measles, sickle cell crisis, cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, nephritis, leprosy etc.

This program may prove to be useful where a doctor is not easily available, in remote areas, particularly to organizations or individuals engaged in health related social service. For more details please see background and case studies

Technical Information

The COMPUTER CLINIC medical diagnostic software is a DOS based program designed in GWBASIC3 and is named clinic.bas. It comes bundled with two data files named symptoms.dat and disease.dat and an explanatory text file named readme.txt

As it is a small DOS based program (total 112 kilobytes) it is not at all fussy about the computer configuration and older pc models running Windows can also be used. Winzip should be available to unzip the downloaded ZIP file supplied. Internet connection to download the file or floppy/CD drive must be present.

Price and Delivery

The COMPUTER CLINIC medical diagnostic program can be supplied on a floppy/CD. The price is  Rs. 300/- (Indian) + postage and can be sent by V.P.P. anywhere in India.

Buyers in India can remit payment of Rs.300/- into

Punjab National Bank A/C No.0404000300340987 payable to Robert P Minz
from any of its branches in your city (linked by core banking)

Buyers outside India may remit US $10.00 by cheque/demand draft payable to Robert P Minz at any bank in India (Citibank,Standard Chartered or any Indian nationalised bank). On realization of the amount floppy/CD containing the program and associated files will be despatched by post to the given address. If desired a ZIP file (67 Kb) containing the program will be sent as an attachment via e-mail.

Order by snail mail write to: Robert P Minz, 27 Nayatoli Lane, Old Hazaribag Road, Ranchi-834001, Jharkhand State, INDIA

Order via e-mail*: 

Order by VPP(Value Payable by Post):
Please send a copy of COMPUTER CLINIC on CD
by VPP at my address below:

Pay through Paypal (US$ 10.00) and directly download the program click the button below.

To pay online and download COMPUTER CLINIC directly to your computer click ORDER

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