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Nearly 100,000 Americans die each year due to diagnostic errors. --Agency for Health Care Research and Quality- REDMOND,Washington, Jan. 21, 2004.

Doctors can forget and make mistakes but computers can neither forget nor make mistakes. COMPUTER CLINIC is a medical diagnostic computer program that can accurately diagnose nearly 80 diseases. To find out more click the link below:-


by Robert P Minz


  1. Easter, a Historical Perspective--- The crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus in history and in the prophecy of Daniel.
  2. The Search for the Truth---A short history of the bible.
  3. Jesus Christ in Islam---Muslims believe that Jesus was not crucified and did not die on the cross. What is the truth?
  4. Kalki, the Tenth Avataar of Vishnu---Who is Kalki, the Tenth Avataar of Vishnu? Is it Jesus?
  5. The Dark Side of Islam---Jehad, violence, loot and sex preached by the Koran and practised by Muhammed.
  6. Science & God---Can science prove the existence of God? Try this one.
  7. World Financial Crisis-Real Cause---Think outside the box.


  1. World Financial Crisis ---Survival guide.

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