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Software means not only computer instructions known commonly as programs but also data that can be used by a computer or any electronic device. Thus videos shown on tv are software, documents displayed on the computer are also software. In fact any thing that can be converted into an electronic medium that can be read and processed by any electronic device becomes a software. Words and graphics can now be converted into an electronic medium and made into software. And this website covers the entire range of software in all its forms.
Global Software Market

The only place where you can sell, buy or find anything that can be digitally wrapped and sent over the internet poems,stories,novels,art work,clipart,clip art,programs, software,market,sell,earn money,online,global
Sell your intellectual property and earn cash!
Computer Software......Free site submission

E-Books......Free meta tag analyzer

Articles......Free Chat

Poems......Message Board

Stories......Your Horoscope

Novels......Send E-Cards

Graphic Art......Daily Cartoon


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