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Corruption Free Society

        Corruption exists in all societies but in varying degrees. There is corruption in the developed as well as in developing countries but the level of corruption in developing countries is much higher. In fact corruption is a factor that hinders development. This forms a vicious circle so that less development leads to more corruption, which in turn hampers development resulting in an increase in corruption. If corruption can be reduced then more development can take place. Unfortunately, politicians and bureaucrats take advantage of the unorganized public who as individuals feel powerless to stand up against their malpractices and are willy-nilly drawn into the vortex of corruption.

        This website has been created to mobilize public support for building a society that moves towards zero tolerance of corruption in society. I invite all the saner elements in society who are unable to individually  express or assert themselves to come together and form an organized group that would have sufficient clout behind it to pressurize the political and bureaucratic machinery in their respective countries to effect legislative measures and administrative reforms to enable the creation of a corruption free society.

        Because I do not wish to impose my own ideas I would request readers to write in and suggest how this movement can be carried forward to achieve these objectives. Through such global brain storming many useful ideas and concepts can emerge that can help us to formalize this website and organization/s.


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