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                                                     Acupressure Powermat

Q1. What is the price of the Acupressure Powermat?

    The basic price of the Acupressure Powermat is only US$ 9.00 inclusive of packaging.

Q2. What is the cost of ordering Acupressure Powermat by International Monery Order?

    The Total Cost of ordering Acupressure Powermat by International Money Order is only US$ 14.00 .
    Delivery will be made through the Postal Service.

Q3. What is the cost of ordering Acupressure Powermat through credit card?

    The Total Cost of ordering Acupressure Powermat through credit card is the basic price (US$ 9.00) + 
    + shipping cost (Business Express) . Delivery will be made through an international carrier with tracking

Q4. What is the advantage of paying through credit card?

    By ordering through credit card your money is safe. The payment is made by you directly by credit card to
    a third party who will hold your money until they confirm that the Acupressure Powemat is recieved by you.
    After you recieve the Acupressure Powermat the payment is remitted to us by the third party.  If by any
    chance you do not recieve the Acupressure Powermat, or it is not recieved in proper order, you can get
    back your money from the third party.  All orders through the third party are required to be done through inter-
    national couriers who  provide online tracking and hence the greater shipping cost.

Q5  Who is this third party ?

    The physical address, phone and fax nos. of the third party are:
                                  Verza, Inc.,  
                                  60 Federal Street #500, 
                                  San Francisco,  
                                  CA 94107,  
                                Verza BV, 
                                Singel 540, 
                                1017 AZ Amsterdam, 
                                The Netherlands, 
                    Phone:   +1 415 908 3792 
                       FAX:   + 1 415 908 3799 
                   Phone:   +31 20 3208833 
                      FAX:   +31 20 3208832   
Q6. How do I pay through credit card?

    All you have to do is click the PAY NOW button on the order page. From thereon you will be taken to the
    secure server of the third party who will accept your credit card entry after verification of details provided by you.
    You will receive confirmation of payment from the third party by e-mail. Simultaneously we will also receive an
    intimation about your payment and we will immediately despatch your Acupressure Powermat. We will also
    intimate you the tracking number of your consignment. You can track the movement of your consignment from
    the website of the international courier with the help of the tracking number.

Q7. Why am I required to select the price according to the Zones?

    If you intend to pay through your credit card you are required to select different prices according to the Zone in
    which your country belongs because the rates charged by international couriers for delivery of documents and
    packets are different for countries in different zones. For all payments by credit card we are required by the third
    party to send consignments through an an international courier with tracking service.

Q8. How do I find out in which Zone my country belongs?

    To find out in which Zone your country belongs click on | SHIPPING | in the menu on the top or bottom of any page
    or click here.

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